Art journal pages 1 – 5

Still keeping up with my resolutions for 2014! Because I felt the most important of all was to take (make) more ‘me-time’, you will notice that I am writing posts on my blog less frequently :(. But, since this blog was never intended to be ‘a-post-a-day-blog’, I refuse to feel bad about myself for being busy and making choices. Sorry about that, though ;).

Anyway, I have been art journaling a lot: my new obsession, as you must have figured out by now… I’ve noticed that every few months or so I get this new obsession about something. Whether it’s painting furniture, crochet, embroidery, or in this case painting and drawing!

To inspire you to give it a try, I wanted to show you my first 5 art journal pages. EVER! Lot’s of images, little text again. There’s no need for text ;). Here they are!

"Create your own world"

Page 1. “Create your own world” (Acrylics, collage, stamps and Uni Posca markers)

"Spend your time with the ones who are worth it"

Page 2. “Spend your time with the ones who are worth it” (Acrylics and stamping with acrylics, collage and Uni Posca markers).

"Dream. Just to dream. Period"

Page 3. “Dream. Just to dream. Period” (Acrylics, watercolour graphite and collage, Uni Posca markers, my hand-made stencils and paper napkins).

"Behind the wall"

Page 4. “Behind the wall” (Acrylics, DIY stamps, craft paper, collage, watercolour graphite, stencils with thick gesso, Posca)

"What inspiration feels like"

Page 5. “What inspiration feels like” (Acrylics, collage with craft paper, Posca markers and stamping with bubble wrap)

I have to admit, I’m not the best at drawing and painting portraits ;). I promise, they get better! Anyway, I refuse to nót paint faces, since I want to get better at it. I just hope that practice makes them better. However, because it’s my art journal, I can make mistakes and paint whatever I want! It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to be beautiful. It just has to be fun to make and to make me relax and spend my me-time on something I enjoy doing. I can tell you, it’s working ;).

If you want to start your own art journal but don’t know where to begin, you should really check out the Art journalist website. There is a group you can join on Facebook or follow by e-mail (I think), which will provide you with a journal prompt every week. It’s a 52 weeks long journal workshop!!! And it’s all free, hooray!! Go and have a look!

Happy creating this week!


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