Art journal 10-13 and a Blog break

Hi everyone,

As you’ve noticed it’s been quiet around here lately…

I have been very busy the last few weeks and, unfortunately, I didn’t have any inspiration to make and create new things. I hope to be back soon, but for now I’ve decided to take a break from blogging for a while. Knowing myself, I will be back :). However, my posts will probably appear less frequently, since I find that I have less time to create… Besides, I always feel that my posts should have some ‘new’-value: some topics you can find anywhere on the internet, so there’s no point in repeating that. But that is just my opinion ;). What do you think?

By the way, I will not continue to automatically feature my posts on facebook, so if you want to keep track of what I am up to: please sign up to follow my blog via email! You will get a notification every time I write a new blog post!! You can sign up on my homepage, clicking the button on the right. You can undo that anytime you like, so no worries! Or, you could just check in every now and then ;).

For today I want to show you my art journal pages 10 to 13, though! Everyone likes to see pictures, right?

Here they come:

'But how to find you' - Acrylic paint and handmade stencils

‘But how to find you’ – Acrylic paint and handmade stencils

'Just stamping around' - Acrylic paint, pen and ink, handmade lino- foam and rubber stamps.

‘Just stamping around’ – Acrylic paint, pen and ink, handmade lino- foam and rubber stamps.

This is me :) Acrylic paint and on the right page image transfer of a print using Art Medium (Schjerning)

This is me 🙂 Acrylic paint and on the right page image transfer of a print using Art Medium (Schjerning)

'Girl in the bubble' - Acrylic paint and Posca markers. Stamping with acrylic paint on bubble wrap ;)

‘Girl in the bubble’ – Acrylic paint and Posca markers. Stamping with acrylic paint on bubble wrap 😉

I have been working on a small mixed media canvas recently! My first ever! I still have to take pictures of it now that it is finished, in daylight as I’ve promised. So come back later to see the results.

I guess every blogger has the issue of having a ‘writer’s block’ every once in a while, but as I’ve told you before: I don’t ever want to feel like I háve to write a blog every week or so. So, to stick to my 2014 resolutions: I will take and make more me-time! Sorry about that 😉

Hope to see you soon though, and keep making time to do something fun every day!!!!

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Art Journal pages 6-9

Hi everybody,

Back again this week with some more art journal pages! I’ve been trying out some materials in different layouts, to find out which ones I like to use in my journal and here’s what I came up with!

Page 6. "Loneliness" (Acrylics, watersoluble graphite and Posca markers).

Page 6. “Loneliness” (Acrylics, water-soluble graphite and Posca markers).

For page 6 I’ve tried my new Koh-I-Noor water-soluble graphite pencils (also for the pages 3 and 4)! I drew this face after a photo. Just practicing my portrait drawing for this page. Unfortunately, my journal book is made of thick craft paper, which is actually perfect for acrylics and collage, but not quite suitable for using water colours: the paper doesn’t take up the water. (My next journal may just be a handmade book consisting of mixed-media paper or cold-pressed water colour paper ;).) For now, I simply drew the face with my water-soluble pencils in a 180 g grained paper sketch book and cut it out. If you don’t like your drawings, or just don’t have inspiration or time, you could just as well cut up a magazine or photos and make a collage. Then, I used my favorite multi-purpose (Scherning) Art Medium to stick my drawing to the page. It’s a glue, waterproof (though sticky) ‘varnish’ and paint medium all-in-one (comparable to gel medium etc.) so I use tons of it!!  Then, add some acrylics (which will stick to the art medium very well) to hide the shine and glossy effect of the art medium and to paint the hair. I’ve used a white Uni Posca marker to add some text, which I erased a bit for the blog images… Sorry about that ;)! I told you I never use Photoshop to spruce up my images just for the visual effect, although for my art journal pages I do use editing software to hide my personal writings. Anyway, imagine some white text on the left page ;).

And here’s page 7! Remember the DIY eraser stamps I wrote about a few weeks ago? Then you have probably seen the right page of this one before. For this page I wanted to try my hand-carved peacock feather stamp and one of my doll-stamps.

art journal pagina 7

Page 7 “Mantra for the gifted” (Acrylics, hand-carved stamps and Stazon ink, blending chalks, Posca markers)

For page 7 I felt like painting a bee (yes, it is supposed to look like a bee but it could just as well be a wasp, hahah). So, that’s what I did. I’ve stamped some stars as well; with a stamp I bought in the store. The rest of the background was painted with acrylics, using my favorite and least expensive tool: my fingers! Then, I stamped a few dolls on 180 gr grained paper and stained them with blending chalks, for a light pastel colour. I cut out the dolls and glued them to the page. Then stamped around with my peacock feather stamp. I’ve used water-colour pencils to add a bit more colour to the feathers. Surprise surprise: the Posca marker again for some text (which I erased. Again).

Here’s page 8! I felt like making a doodle brain. Or zentangle, if you like 🙂

Page 8 "Doodle brain"(Acrylics and Posca marker)

For this one I actually took one of my human anatomy books as an example for the brain. I painted the shape with acrylics first and divided it into small areas with my Posca marker. Smaller areas are easier to fill up with different doodle patterns. Well, easier in the sense that with smaller areas I don’t feel anxious about starting to doodle and mess up my page ;).

And the last one for today, page 9, was inspired by my dear cats! For your information, this is one of the pages I don’t like that much, though I enjoyed the way I created it: painting with coffee!!

Page 9 "cats love me anyway" (Acrylics, coffee, soft pastels, hand-carved stamp, stazon ink and Posca marker)

Page 9 “cats love me anyway” (Acrylics, coffee, soft pastels, hand-carved stamp, Stazon ink, water-soluble wax crayons and Posca marker)

I painted my cat Punky with coffee on my thicker grained paper. So don’t throw away cold/too-strong/leftover coffee! Just take a brush and start practicing watercolouring ;)! The image may look familiar, because I used the same photo as an example for the coffee painting as for a drawing I showed 9 months ago. I’ve struggled with this page. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted and by adding more lines, colour and details I think I just made it worse. In the end, I did like the idea of painting with coffee, adding doodles on the page and using my sepia soft pastels to blend the glued drawing with the rest of the page. Though maybe this was not the most artsy day for me. Still happy with it though!

Please leave a comment for I would love to hear your thoughts!

Happy crafting this week!

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Art journal pages 1 – 5

Still keeping up with my resolutions for 2014! Because I felt the most important of all was to take (make) more ‘me-time’, you will notice that I am writing posts on my blog less frequently :(. But, since this blog was never intended to be ‘a-post-a-day-blog’, I refuse to feel bad about myself for being busy and making choices. Sorry about that, though ;).

Anyway, I have been art journaling a lot: my new obsession, as you must have figured out by now… I’ve noticed that every few months or so I get this new obsession about something. Whether it’s painting furniture, crochet, embroidery, or in this case painting and drawing!

To inspire you to give it a try, I wanted to show you my first 5 art journal pages. EVER! Lot’s of images, little text again. There’s no need for text ;). Here they are!

"Create your own world"

Page 1. “Create your own world” (Acrylics, collage, stamps and Uni Posca markers)

"Spend your time with the ones who are worth it"

Page 2. “Spend your time with the ones who are worth it” (Acrylics and stamping with acrylics, collage and Uni Posca markers).

"Dream. Just to dream. Period"

Page 3. “Dream. Just to dream. Period” (Acrylics, watercolour graphite and collage, Uni Posca markers, my hand-made stencils and paper napkins).

"Behind the wall"

Page 4. “Behind the wall” (Acrylics, DIY stamps, craft paper, collage, watercolour graphite, stencils with thick gesso, Posca)

"What inspiration feels like"

Page 5. “What inspiration feels like” (Acrylics, collage with craft paper, Posca markers and stamping with bubble wrap)

I have to admit, I’m not the best at drawing and painting portraits ;). I promise, they get better! Anyway, I refuse to nót paint faces, since I want to get better at it. I just hope that practice makes them better. However, because it’s my art journal, I can make mistakes and paint whatever I want! It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to be beautiful. It just has to be fun to make and to make me relax and spend my me-time on something I enjoy doing. I can tell you, it’s working ;).

If you want to start your own art journal but don’t know where to begin, you should really check out the Art journalist website. There is a group you can join on Facebook or follow by e-mail (I think), which will provide you with a journal prompt every week. It’s a 52 weeks long journal workshop!!! And it’s all free, hooray!! Go and have a look!

Happy creating this week!


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