Art Journal pages 6-9

Hi everybody,

Back again this week with some more art journal pages! I’ve been trying out some materials in different layouts, to find out which ones I like to use in my journal and here’s what I came up with!

Page 6. "Loneliness" (Acrylics, watersoluble graphite and Posca markers).

Page 6. “Loneliness” (Acrylics, water-soluble graphite and Posca markers).

For page 6 I’ve tried my new Koh-I-Noor water-soluble graphite pencils (also for the pages 3 and 4)! I drew this face after a photo. Just practicing my portrait drawing for this page. Unfortunately, my journal book is made of thick craft paper, which is actually perfect for acrylics and collage, but not quite suitable for using water colours: the paper doesn’t take up the water. (My next journal may just be a handmade book consisting of mixed-media paper or cold-pressed water colour paper ;).) For now, I simply drew the face with my water-soluble pencils in a 180 g grained paper sketch book and cut it out. If you don’t like your drawings, or just don’t have inspiration or time, you could just as well cut up a magazine or photos and make a collage. Then, I used my favorite multi-purpose (Scherning) Art Medium to stick my drawing to the page. It’s a glue, waterproof (though sticky) ‘varnish’ and paint medium all-in-one (comparable to gel medium etc.) so I use tons of it!!  Then, add some acrylics (which will stick to the art medium very well) to hide the shine and glossy effect of the art medium and to paint the hair. I’ve used a white Uni Posca marker to add some text, which I erased a bit for the blog images… Sorry about that ;)! I told you I never use Photoshop to spruce up my images just for the visual effect, although for my art journal pages I do use editing software to hide my personal writings. Anyway, imagine some white text on the left page ;).

And here’s page 7! Remember the DIY eraser stamps I wrote about a few weeks ago? Then you have probably seen the right page of this one before. For this page I wanted to try my hand-carved peacock feather stamp and one of my doll-stamps.

art journal pagina 7

Page 7 “Mantra for the gifted” (Acrylics, hand-carved stamps and Stazon ink, blending chalks, Posca markers)

For page 7 I felt like painting a bee (yes, it is supposed to look like a bee but it could just as well be a wasp, hahah). So, that’s what I did. I’ve stamped some stars as well; with a stamp I bought in the store. The rest of the background was painted with acrylics, using my favorite and least expensive tool: my fingers! Then, I stamped a few dolls on 180 gr grained paper and stained them with blending chalks, for a light pastel colour. I cut out the dolls and glued them to the page. Then stamped around with my peacock feather stamp. I’ve used water-colour pencils to add a bit more colour to the feathers. Surprise surprise: the Posca marker again for some text (which I erased. Again).

Here’s page 8! I felt like making a doodle brain. Or zentangle, if you like 🙂

Page 8 "Doodle brain"(Acrylics and Posca marker)

For this one I actually took one of my human anatomy books as an example for the brain. I painted the shape with acrylics first and divided it into small areas with my Posca marker. Smaller areas are easier to fill up with different doodle patterns. Well, easier in the sense that with smaller areas I don’t feel anxious about starting to doodle and mess up my page ;).

And the last one for today, page 9, was inspired by my dear cats! For your information, this is one of the pages I don’t like that much, though I enjoyed the way I created it: painting with coffee!!

Page 9 "cats love me anyway" (Acrylics, coffee, soft pastels, hand-carved stamp, stazon ink and Posca marker)

Page 9 “cats love me anyway” (Acrylics, coffee, soft pastels, hand-carved stamp, Stazon ink, water-soluble wax crayons and Posca marker)

I painted my cat Punky with coffee on my thicker grained paper. So don’t throw away cold/too-strong/leftover coffee! Just take a brush and start practicing watercolouring ;)! The image may look familiar, because I used the same photo as an example for the coffee painting as for a drawing I showed 9 months ago. I’ve struggled with this page. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted and by adding more lines, colour and details I think I just made it worse. In the end, I did like the idea of painting with coffee, adding doodles on the page and using my sepia soft pastels to blend the glued drawing with the rest of the page. Though maybe this was not the most artsy day for me. Still happy with it though!

Please leave a comment for I would love to hear your thoughts!

Happy crafting this week!

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Art journal pages 1 – 5

Still keeping up with my resolutions for 2014! Because I felt the most important of all was to take (make) more ‘me-time’, you will notice that I am writing posts on my blog less frequently :(. But, since this blog was never intended to be ‘a-post-a-day-blog’, I refuse to feel bad about myself for being busy and making choices. Sorry about that, though ;).

Anyway, I have been art journaling a lot: my new obsession, as you must have figured out by now… I’ve noticed that every few months or so I get this new obsession about something. Whether it’s painting furniture, crochet, embroidery, or in this case painting and drawing!

To inspire you to give it a try, I wanted to show you my first 5 art journal pages. EVER! Lot’s of images, little text again. There’s no need for text ;). Here they are!

"Create your own world"

Page 1. “Create your own world” (Acrylics, collage, stamps and Uni Posca markers)

"Spend your time with the ones who are worth it"

Page 2. “Spend your time with the ones who are worth it” (Acrylics and stamping with acrylics, collage and Uni Posca markers).

"Dream. Just to dream. Period"

Page 3. “Dream. Just to dream. Period” (Acrylics, watercolour graphite and collage, Uni Posca markers, my hand-made stencils and paper napkins).

"Behind the wall"

Page 4. “Behind the wall” (Acrylics, DIY stamps, craft paper, collage, watercolour graphite, stencils with thick gesso, Posca)

"What inspiration feels like"

Page 5. “What inspiration feels like” (Acrylics, collage with craft paper, Posca markers and stamping with bubble wrap)

I have to admit, I’m not the best at drawing and painting portraits ;). I promise, they get better! Anyway, I refuse to nót paint faces, since I want to get better at it. I just hope that practice makes them better. However, because it’s my art journal, I can make mistakes and paint whatever I want! It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to be beautiful. It just has to be fun to make and to make me relax and spend my me-time on something I enjoy doing. I can tell you, it’s working ;).

If you want to start your own art journal but don’t know where to begin, you should really check out the Art journalist website. There is a group you can join on Facebook or follow by e-mail (I think), which will provide you with a journal prompt every week. It’s a 52 weeks long journal workshop!!! And it’s all free, hooray!! Go and have a look!

Happy creating this week!


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DIY eraser stamps

Last week I wrote down some thoughts about art journaling and I have to say, I totally love it!! It’s perfect for someone who, like me, would like to journal but never gets the words down right. And, don’t forget, you don’t have to be an artist to art journal! Unfortunately, art supplies tend to be somewhat expensive. The bright side is: if you have patience and take a bit more time, some things can be done the cheaper way. Also, if you like to use stencils and stamps (for example for a background, or to add detail to your pages), sometimes it’s really hard to find the perfect image. You may be spending hours or days looking for the right stamp… So, to start with, here are some examples of how to make your own stamps from erasers!

When I was younger, big erasers were sold anywhere, but at the moment they are really hard to find in stores here in the Netherlands… So, still looking for a bigger size… Anyway, my sister got me a lino-cutting tool for Christmas, which came with various knives. She got me two big erasers as well, which were sold in the same crafting store (apparently…). I really should ask here where she bought them, so I can get some more. Because: making stamps is addictive!!! For now, I started with the two erasers she gave me and a few smaller ones I bought myself.

The supplies you’ll need: a pencil, some erasers (I prefer the cheap, plastic stiff ones. Carving details in soft erasers is very hard because small edges will bend and break easily!) and a tool for lino-cutting.


Start by drawing a design on your eraser, with a pencil or a pen. You could draw your own design or trace one with carbon paper. I drew mine myself, though I did use photos of peacock feathers for inspiration for the feather stamp.. Below you can see two finished stamps and the ones I still had to carve…

butterfly and girl stamp

Then, decide which parts you want to carve. Do you want a positive or a negative image? So, either carve everything except your drawing, or just the lines of the drawing and leave the rest…

Start carving 🙂

This one says ‘Handmade’:


carving stamps1

Once your done, try your stamp on a piece of paper. If you’re not satisfied with the look yet, you can do a bit more carving for a finishing touch.

If you are happy with the result, stamp your image on a piece of thick paper, wood or cardboard.

stamp on thick paperHere you see I made some background stamps, for example the coffee stain and the bricks. I could use the leaves, owl, little girl and butterfly for detailing as well.

Then cut out the thick paper to the size of your stamp (eraser). Use Art medium or mod podge to adhere the paper to the backside, so you will know what image the stamp will make. Make sure to glue it the way the image will look when putting the stamp down on paper (so don’t put it upside down or something 😉 )

glue paper to stampBy gluing the image to the eraser with art medium/mod podge, you will be able to wash off stamping ink (only if it’s water soluble ink of course) or acrylic paint after stamping, without blurring the ink on the example on top.

peacock stamp2

That’s it! You can go crazy now with stamping anything!! 😉

Here I used my own ‘handmade’ stamp to make labels for my handmade gifts!

handmade labelsI stained the edges of the labels with Stazon ink.

And here is an example of the peacock feather in one of my Art Journal pages. There is white text in the page, but I erased it a bit… That’s kind of personal 😉 Still a journal you know 😛

You can use blending chalks (powder chalks), watercolor pencils or anything you like, to add color to your stamps.

peacock stamp

art journal page 6

Have fun making your own stamps!!!

I am starting on making stencils as well, so probably in a few weeks or so, you will find some examples of that 🙂

Happy crafting!

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A Children’s Coat Rack

Time for another short update, but another project is finally finished: a coat rack! For kids I guess 😉 Something completely different this time, but perhaps it inspires you all to plan a crafty day with the kids soon! Little text, lots of pictures, just the way you like it:

A few weeks ago I took out my paper en pencil and started drawing again. Something I love to do, but hardly ever make time for.

This time I think I was trying to just doodle around for a while (is that even a word??) and come up with some new designs to carve into wood or etch into glass. Doodling… you know, just drawing lines and shapes while on the phone, or in class. I remember I used to do that in school…

Anyway, after a while I drew some cute outlines of cats in various positions (I’ve used a book with cat photos for inspiration and simplified them to plain curved lines), and I will definitely use them some day so come back later for those :). However, after an hour or so, I started drawing lines and shapes and ended up with some funny imaginary figures:


big ears

Since there was still a plain wooden board lying around here, waiting to be painted and re-purposed, I decided to make a coat rack out of it and use these pictures as decorations.

I started by painting the board a neutral colour (grey-ish) and transferred three of my images with Art Medium (click here if you want to read more about image transfer with Art Medium. In Dutch). Of course I had to scan and print them so I could use them for transfer. I could have just painted them directly onto the wood again, but I guess I was a bit lazy ánd scared that they wouldn’t turn out to be so great the second time I drew them, so, image transfer it is.

In the pictures below, you can see that right after the transfer and removal of the paper, there’s a clear difference in shade between the spaces where the paper has been and the clear spaces. No worries there, I know from experience this will vanish once you add another layer of Art Medium, or varnish.

Coat rack making

Transfer scanned images with Art Medium

Then, I took out my brushes and acrylic paint and started filling the figures with bright colours. Just like a colouring book :). I felt like 8 years old again, and I had so much fun!

paintingThen trace the lines with black paint with a small brush. I’ve sealed the paint with another layer of Art Medium.

tracing lines

painted figures

To make a coat rack out of it, I found some hooks I’ve used for ages when I was a student. These hooks were mounted every time again, whenever I moved to a (slightly) bigger room. The actual problem that made this project take me so long to finish, was finding the perfect solid hooks to make this coat rack stick to the wall. WITH coats. I have absolutely no idea what these things are called in English (please comment if you do!!!) but in Dutch I think they are called ‘ledikanthaken’. They look like a key hole but are a bit curved, and the head of a screw fits right in. Here’s a picture of the back of the coat rack, and one in close-up:

backside coat rack



Once I finally got two of these metal things, all I had to do was drill the holes and seal the front again with two layers of clear varnish. Then attach the coat hooks and stick some rubber dots to the back so the board will not damage the wall, and it’s done!

A coat rack, of my own design. I have absolutely no idea what to do with this, since I have no children, but I do like it. It was very much fun to do. Something totally not me, and still so totally me 🙂


coat rack

It was a rainy day, so ‘so much for taking pictures with daylight’…. Hope you appreciate the pictures anyway!

I will soon start making (cat-proof) Christmas decorations, so come back in two weeks or so if you need some inspiration 😉

Happy Drawing!

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Crea – Make Drawing Fun!

Make drawing fun lefthanded!

Vandaag is een dag om te tekenen. En wat is er beter om inspiratie te gebruiken dan mijn twee siamese katten, Timo en Punky.

Af en toe vind ik ze in de meest vreemde posities gedrapeerd, want ze kunnen nogal lui zijn. Af en toe. Als ze niet aan het zeuren of door het huis aan het racen zijn, of in de weg lopen als ik iets aan het maken ben (ja, ook bovenop mijn schetsboek gaan zitten en het potlood aanvallen, heel vervelend). Hoe dan ook, als ze weer ergens liggen te luieren worden daar door ons, als liefdevolle baasjes, natuurlijk eindeloos veel foto’s van gemaakt.

Meet Timo

Meet Timo

Meet PunkyIk hou van tekenen! Deed ik als kind al. Toentertijd kon ik nog vrij gemakkelijk mijn emoties kwijt in mijn schetsen. Helaas voel ik me tegenwoordig vaak beperkt door een bepaald gevoel van, nou ja, dat het per sé mooi moet worden. En lijkend, en perfect, en dat alles in één keer. Anders heb ik de neiging om het door te krassen en het weg te gooien. Ken je dat gevoel??

Om ontspannen te kunnen tekenen en er daadwerkelijk van te kunnen genieten, is dus de eerste stap: Accepteer imperfecties! Gewoon lekker krabbelen en schetsen omdat het leuk is, daar gaat het om.

Psst, een geheimpje, je hoeft het aan niemand te laten zien als je niet tevreden bent. Meestal kost het je vele probeersels om tot die ene mooie creatie te komen.

Mijn doel was om een soort cartoons en silhouetten te maken van katten. Zodat ik die later eventueel kan gaan gebruiken. Of niet. Alleen als ik tevreden ben natuurlijk, haha. Ik was een avondje alleen thuis, dus ik zette een leuk muziekje op en pakte mijn schetsboek er bij.

Ik moet mezelf er altijd aan herinneren: creativiteit kan ik niet afdwingen. Helaas. Mijn schetsjes waren misvormd en ik wilde veel te graag in één keer die mooie lijnen zetten. Gelukkig zijn er blijkbaar wél manieren om wat losser te worden!

Bijvoorbeeld: Teken met je ‘andere’  (niet-dominante) hand! Ik bedoel dus: ik ben rechtshandig, dus ik ga linkshandig tekenen. Je wil niet weten wat je dan te zien krijgt. Kromme lijnen, cirkels als een ei en waar het vierkant op lijkt wil je niet eens zien 😉

Toch heeft dit zijn charme!

Maak veel mogelijk simpele schetsjes in 15 minuten tijd en kies dan de leukste uit.

Neem een stift, pen, kleurpotloden of krijt, en bewerk de leukste tekeningen tot iets waar je tevreden over bent.

Simpel maar effectief!!

Funny cat1 bewerkt Siamese cartoons bewerktAnxious cat bewerkt

Remember to have fun!!

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