Home-made Christmas ornaments

It will soon be Christmas. Next week already!! Time flies, and still so much to do… Do I feel a little time-pressure coming up there? Hmmm… Since I’m making my own Christmas gifts besides doing Christmas shopping, planning our dinner, decorating the house and have to work in between, I feel like being way too busy at the moment…. And still, in between all of this planning and preparing, here’s a short update on how to make your own Christmas ornaments at home, which you can of course combine well with store-bought ornaments! And even though store-bought ornaments may look better, crafting should be fun! Now there’s a good enough reason to make your own decorations :).

I’ve made a few ornaments using wooden decorative items I already had, a bit of air-drying clay, acrylic paint, and all my scrap ribbons, rope, buttons, felt and yarn I had lying around. For our DIY-Christmas tree :).

First, pick a colour scheme. I chose red and white, and just a bit of silver and green. I like the ‘traditional’ colours. But you can choose any combination you like, whether it’s bright pink, blue and gold, or plain wood and natural colours…

You could start by making a few clay ornaments, which you can paint and decorate any colour you like once they have dried. I chose the letters spelling ‘Frosty’, a little clay snowman and a pair of mittens:

clay ornaments

Then paint them! Since I didn’t use a primer, it took two or three layers of acrylic paint to get them covered well.

paint clay

Gather all you supplies and combine whatever things you like. For example, I had some felt and ribbon bows, and decided that I wanted to give the letters a belt (like Santas belt) and a cute felt hat. Cut the felt to size a paint on the black belt. Then glue on the felt hats with all-purpose glue and leave them to dry for a while. For the mittens I thought it would look cute to glue on the ribbon bows, and Frosty the snowman was just painted with white, orange (the nose) and black (for the eyes and mouth). To finish it all, I glued buttons on its body 🙂

gather supplies

painted clay

mittens and snowmanFrosty letters

To finish the letters, I glued on a few metal snaps as to represent the buckle on the belt.

When you’re satisfied with the result, either glue on some ribbon or tie a little bakers twine to the ornament to put them in your tree!

glue ribbons

decorated birds

On the pictures above you see four little birds I bought last year but didn’t use so far. I painted them red, added a bit of glitter in mod podge/ Art Medium, glued on some paper wings and used a polymer clay (‘Fimo’) button to represent the eye. I didn’t make any before pictures, but in the pictures of the decorated tree (further below) you can see the results :).

rudolf and pillow

Below the Christmas tree I placed the plaster Rudolf I wrote about last post and a knitted red pillow. Since I don’t really like knitting I crocheted the backside of the pillow ;). I’ve used decorative glitter sand to fill an empty ball and used two wine glasses to hold the candles. Also, since there are no presents under the tree yet, I replaced the real ones with fake presents. Just wrap some empty cartons in Christmas wrappings and put them below the tree until the real presents arrive ;). My cats enjoy these very much, I can tell you that….

By the way, at this moment the plaster of Paris Rudolf has found a new temporary home in the shop window at my work as an example of what you could make with plaster of Paris :).

For everything else: I still had some fake glitter leaves, wooden ornaments and candy canes lying around and combined everything to decorate the tree. Which is, let’s admit it, the best part of it all! Use ribbon and rope to put them in your tree!

Hope you appreciate the pictures of the decorated tree below:

frosty clay ornaments

You can see I gave Frosty the snowman a little crocheted scarf to give it a bit of ‘texture’.

tree decorations mitten and birdAnd the finished clay mittens!

crochet bootsTo make these Santa boots (below is a better picture), I adjusted a pattern for ‘baby booties’ to a smaller size and used acrylic red and white yarn. I stuffed them with polyester filling and hung them with bakers twine.

under the christmas treeAnd there it is all together!

In daylight

In daylight

Later, I decided to add a red cloth to hold all the presents next week, and turn over the wine glasses. Now, we put bigger candles around the tree to add a bit more light 🙂

decorated tree 3

There it is!

On top of our TV unit I placed a bit more Christmas decor (in a large vase) using the left over twigs I used on the tree.

decorated tv unit

Now all there’s left to do for me is to hang more Christmas lights and nicely decorate our dinner table to finish the Christmas look here. Unfortunately we can’t display that many ornaments, for our cats will try and tear it down! Oh, and finish my Christmas presents of course! Can’t wait to display all the presents around the tree 🙂

Happy crafting and preparing for the holidays!!!

See you next time!

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