DIY Catproof Christmas Tree

It’s a bit early with still a month to go until Christmas, I have to admit, but I’ve just finished putting together our one of a kind, did-it-myself Christmas tree! I thought it would take me much longer to build but finished a bit early, that’s all. I don’t really mind: I like Christmas decorations (usually leave them up until February or something 😉 ) and now I can enjoy it a bit longer this year. Also, if any of you feel inspired by my post and want to build this tree yourselves: plenty of time left ;).

The main reason to assemble the tree the way I did, is that my previous ‘fake’ tree had to go because my cats just looovvve to pull on the twigs and branches, right until it tumbles over. No way I could use that one again, let alone decorate it… Imagine what cats do to garlands and tree ornaments! Now, I’ve lent it to someone else and my cats have forgotten all about it. I think.

That’s why I thought about painting a tree on a big canvas, make a tree out of wooden branches or from a board. I chose the latter option, combined with the second one. I took a big panel of hardboard and used a handsaw to cut out the simplistic tree form:



I sanded the edges, applied a layer of primer and a single layer of moss-green paint. Then I took out my plaster and mixed it with some water and some of the same paint, to make a homemade matte paint. Remember my night stand makeover in DIY matte paint (in Dutch)? At that time I was looking forward to trying out the same mixture but with a lot more plaster, so I could add a bit of texture to the paint. Well, I just did, with this Christmas tree! I wanted to add texture as if the branches were showing through. The first layer didn’t really show any texture once it had dried, but the second layer did as you can see in the pictures below (still wet paint):

painted tree

texture in closeup

I had to turn my (round) brush in a clockwise motion with every streak, pressing the paint-mixture into the thick edges.

If you have a tree, you want to decorate it, right? So, I had to add something in order to be able to put some (catproof 😉 ) ornaments in the tree. Because I liked the stacked-branches idea, I ordered some twigs and started arranging them on the tree until I was satisfied:

branch arrangement

You can see the texture of the paint very well, even now the paint has dried. Hooray for that!

I hung up the twigs by drilling some holes in the board and then attach them with pieces of metal wire.

how to attach the branches

Right until every single twig was attached. On some spots I placed two twigs on the same height, just because it looked better.

everything in place

I was planning on hanging the tree to the wall and since I didn’t want to damage out walls, I taped off every bit of wire on the back of the tree. Although the tape didn’t stick to the hardboard very well, it just had to stay in place until I had nailed the tree to the wall 🙂

tape the back

And then it was time to nail it to the wall! Okay, I tried to put it on a cabinet at first, but one of the cats immediately started inspecting the new scenery and the tree fell over at once. Since I wanted a catproof Christmas tree, I had to nail it to the wall. I’ll fill the holes up later. In February or so…

Christmas tree 1

There. I think we have an awesome Christmas tree! And unique of course. I think it would do the trick for people with small apartments, as well.

Here you can see the textured paint showing through:

texture tree

I’ve been making ornaments and decorations as well, although I haven’t quite finished them all just yet. Next week I’ll show you the fully decorated tree and various ways to make your own Christmas tree ornaments. Oh, by the way: I placed the ones that áre ready in the tree yesterday and my cats have inspected everything thoroughly without breaking anything. And the tree is still as it was. So, I can honoustly say that this tree is cat-proof in our home (don’t know about your cats though). My cats couldn’t care less about the thing. Me, on the other hand, I’m in love!

See you all next week!!

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2 gedachtes over “DIY Catproof Christmas Tree

  1. Wat gaaf Veerle!
    Een echte kerstboom zou bij ons ook niet blijven staan vanwege Midas.
    Maar jouw creatie is echt heel leuk, en aan die takken kan je weer leuke dingen ophangen zoals ballen, kerstkaarten enzo.
    Leuk leuk leuk!

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