A Children’s Coat Rack

Time for another short update, but another project is finally finished: a coat rack! For kids I guess 😉 Something completely different this time, but perhaps it inspires you all to plan a crafty day with the kids soon! Little text, lots of pictures, just the way you like it:

A few weeks ago I took out my paper en pencil and started drawing again. Something I love to do, but hardly ever make time for.

This time I think I was trying to just doodle around for a while (is that even a word??) and come up with some new designs to carve into wood or etch into glass. Doodling… you know, just drawing lines and shapes while on the phone, or in class. I remember I used to do that in school…

Anyway, after a while I drew some cute outlines of cats in various positions (I’ve used a book with cat photos for inspiration and simplified them to plain curved lines), and I will definitely use them some day so come back later for those :). However, after an hour or so, I started drawing lines and shapes and ended up with some funny imaginary figures:


big ears

Since there was still a plain wooden board lying around here, waiting to be painted and re-purposed, I decided to make a coat rack out of it and use these pictures as decorations.

I started by painting the board a neutral colour (grey-ish) and transferred three of my images with Art Medium (click here if you want to read more about image transfer with Art Medium. In Dutch). Of course I had to scan and print them so I could use them for transfer. I could have just painted them directly onto the wood again, but I guess I was a bit lazy ánd scared that they wouldn’t turn out to be so great the second time I drew them, so, image transfer it is.

In the pictures below, you can see that right after the transfer and removal of the paper, there’s a clear difference in shade between the spaces where the paper has been and the clear spaces. No worries there, I know from experience this will vanish once you add another layer of Art Medium, or varnish.

Coat rack making

Transfer scanned images with Art Medium

Then, I took out my brushes and acrylic paint and started filling the figures with bright colours. Just like a colouring book :). I felt like 8 years old again, and I had so much fun!

paintingThen trace the lines with black paint with a small brush. I’ve sealed the paint with another layer of Art Medium.

tracing lines

painted figures

To make a coat rack out of it, I found some hooks I’ve used for ages when I was a student. These hooks were mounted every time again, whenever I moved to a (slightly) bigger room. The actual problem that made this project take me so long to finish, was finding the perfect solid hooks to make this coat rack stick to the wall. WITH coats. I have absolutely no idea what these things are called in English (please comment if you do!!!) but in Dutch I think they are called ‘ledikanthaken’. They look like a key hole but are a bit curved, and the head of a screw fits right in. Here’s a picture of the back of the coat rack, and one in close-up:

backside coat rack



Once I finally got two of these metal things, all I had to do was drill the holes and seal the front again with two layers of clear varnish. Then attach the coat hooks and stick some rubber dots to the back so the board will not damage the wall, and it’s done!

A coat rack, of my own design. I have absolutely no idea what to do with this, since I have no children, but I do like it. It was very much fun to do. Something totally not me, and still so totally me 🙂


coat rack

It was a rainy day, so ‘so much for taking pictures with daylight’…. Hope you appreciate the pictures anyway!

I will soon start making (cat-proof) Christmas decorations, so come back in two weeks or so if you need some inspiration 😉

Happy Drawing!

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