DIY Multimedia Unit Part 2

A while ago I showed you part 1 of our home-built TV unit, but it wasn’t quite finished yet. Remember what it looked like?

DIY multimedia unit - Part 1

DIY multimedia unit – Part 1

Today: part 2 of our massive wall unit and what it looks like now 🙂

Step one was, of course, painting the cabinet you see in the picture above. That wasn’t too hard: I took it apart, sanded and primed it, and finally applied two layers of satin black paint. It took me two days and I didn’t take any pictures while working on it. Just wanted to finish it a.s.a.p.

At first I was thinking about painting the inside of this TV stand a different colour, but changed my mind while taking the piece apart… I didn’t know exactly what colour to pick. Yet. Some day I may get some brilliant idea but for now: it’s okay. That’s the fun thing about painting: you can pick any colour and paint it over and over again until you’re satisfied :). Since I’m planning on putting a nice wallpaper on the wall behind this TV unit, I think I will pick something that works well with the wallpaper. Who knows: part 3 will be on the ‘to-do-list’.

I don’t consider myself to be a great designer (Quite frankly I’m a bit jealous of people with a natural talent for picking colours and decorations and such). I’m more of a problem-solver. Practical. “I need storage space, colour choice is secondary” is the main thought. Usually I’m pretty satisfied with the result but sometimes it doesn’t work out and I start over. I am learning and learning and with every new project I start with a better idea of what will work and what won’t. So, perhaps, someday I will be able to build and decorate my perfect dream home! Ah… dreams 🙂

So, back to the project.

I wasn’t planning on putting wallpaper on the wall yet, so for now recycling an old back panel will do! The main reasons I wanted a back panel were solidity and hiding the holes and scratches on the wall behind it. Therefore I’ve used this cupboard back panel and painted it off-white.

Recycling of a cupboard back panel...

Recycling of a cupboard back panel…

Then came the not-so-much-fun part of the job: to install the back panel I had to take out every single CD and DVD, put the unit back on the floor, nail the panel to the cabinets, turn it up again and put everything back in place. And believe me, the thing you do NOT want to think then is: I don’t like it. But I did. I didn’t like it.

First of all, something was missing. It wasn’t big enough :). I mean, it still didn’t provide me with enough storage space for all of our CDs and DVDs. Also, it was still messy and I was aiming for a nice and organized wall unit. Well that was a problem I could very easily tackle. Just add another cabinet.

The second thing I didn’t like was the back panel. But after a good night’s sleep I thought that it didn’t matter anyway, it’s a temporary solution. (I can totally see the perfect wallpaper behind it in the future!). Since I didn’t want to take everything out and apart again, I left the panel in it’s place. You get used to it ;).

So, now some pictures of the extra cabinet I added to one side of the unit.

I’ve been rearranging furniture for months now, and this cabinet still needed a new place and purpose. It’s exactly the same height as the other DVD towers I’ve used. And the biggest plus: My Xbox, which still needed a place, fits right in!

Before 1

I took the cabinet apart and painted it black, just like the other parts. In the meantime, our home looked like it always does when I decide to take on a new furniture project: cats are banned from our living room for a while, doors are opened and every open space is used to place shelves and boards to let the paint dry. And I mean: EVERY open space. Floors, walls, table, chairs, other cabinets…. I hardly ever use newspapers or plastic to cover my furniture and floor. I got used to painting accurately and with caution: I (almost) never spill ;).

Use whatever you have at hand to put your freshly painted pieces on, to dry. Here I’ve used some scrap wooden boards:


I even put the dowels back into the boards in between coats, to keep the board from touching the wall while the paint was drying. Also, you will see Christmas napkins in many of my pictures about painting furniture. We only get one tiny newspaper a week, which usually isn’t enough. Napkins are perfect if you don’t have enough newspapers 🙂

Install the dowels that come with the IKEA furniture, so the boards don't touch the wall.

Install the dowels that come with the IKEA furniture, so the boards don’t touch the wall while paint is drying.

Once every single board was done, I put the cabinet back together and placed it next to ‘part 1’.

Now, we have enough space to store all of our DVDs, CDs and games, but the last problem I came across was lack of colour.

Black is very black! And we have a lot of black in our home, I can tell you that! So to add some pops of colour I decided it was time to finally learn to crochet. Ah, my new addiction! I’ve crocheted some pink and black-and-pink round baskets and placed them on the shelves.

One of my pink crocheted baskets.

One of my pink crocheted baskets.

This is what it looks like now:

DIY Multimedia unit Part 2I know, I know, our TV is meant to be hanging to the wall because some of the screws are missing… that’s why its not standing straight.


We use the baskets to store all of our extra cables and the controllers for the Xbox. There’s another one in front of the TV where we throw our remote controls in, so they are not lying on the couch, or table, or floor, or well, anywhere.

I can’t believe how it’s turned out! If you’re working on a project like this you get quickly used to what you see and get more critical. See imperfections. Now I look back to what has changed, I am quite impressed with what you can do yourself!

To give you all some idea of the massive change in our living room, here are some final pictures:

What started with an idea:

The idea that didn't work out an it took time to think about....

The idea that didn’t work out an it took time to think about….

To something a lot better, but not quite finished:

Part 1

Part 1

And what it looks like now:

Part 2

Part 2

Part 2

Part 2

Keep imagining the wallpaper!

While writing this post I’m thinking: wallpaper, shelve and trim at the top and another cabinet on the right side 😉

And a nice hand crocheted rug in front. Still planning that project though.

I’ll keep you posted!!

Happy DIY-ing!

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