DIY Multimedia Unit

Finally, I’ve finished my DIY TV wall unit last week. Okay, frankly I’ve just finished part 1, but it is the most important part: storage for my CDs and DVDs in a solid wall unit.

I had been planning to build my own multimedia unit from some cabinets, shelves and a board to the back (and finally mount the TV to the wall). It took me five months to get started… last week I felt it was just the right time to tackle this project. Of course (it’s me) it didn’t quite go according to plan…. However, once I had all materials at hand, it took me only 5 days to finish this part one of the project. Read on if you want to see the final result ór if you need some inspiration to build one yourself (either like this or completely different).

Step one: get some cheap but functional DVD cabinets: check!

Some IKEA benno cabinets would do the trick. I didn’t care for the colour: I was planning on painting them anyway, so I bought two second hand cabinets.


Step two: get some simple wooden shelves to install between the cabinets. Check. They were ugly, plain white veneer boards. I wanted to paint them black anyway, so I couldn’t care less about the colour (just buy the cheapest). I lightly sanded, primed and finally painted them (in satin black).

Because the wooden shelves (in between the cabinets) were longer than 60 cm, I had to support them somehow. If I don’t, they will bend in time. Even if nothing is stored on top.

Remember my table repair and makeover? I got 4 leftover wooden boards, which had been used for a bunkbed previously. For free. Since I’ve used only two to build the frame for my table, I’ve used the other two for my multimedia unit. To support the shelves, that is.

Unfortunately I had lent out my jigsaw to a friend, so all I had at hand were a hand saw and a power drill. So I used the hand saw to cut the boards to the right size. I filled the holes with a piece of paper and some wood filler. This is a little trick my dad taught me! If you have to fill large holes in wood or walls, take a piece of paper, roll it and push it in the hole. Fill up the remaining space with wood filler to finish: it will take less filler than if you were to fill the entire hole.

Fill holes with paper first

Fill holes with paper first

Fill up with wood filler.

Fill up with wood filler.

Sand… Prime… Measure and drill holes… I glued some trim to the boards. Just for decorative purposes of course 🙂

Use wood glue to add some nice decorative trim.

Add some  decorative trim.

I marked down where to drill holes for the metal, L-shaped brackets I wanted to use to install the boards in between the cabinets. This time I actually used a tape-measurer to mark down where to drill holes… usually I don’t..  After drilling the holes, I lightly sanded the boards and painted them in homemade matte paint. Finally, I installed the metal brackets to the boards, mounted them to the shelves, and mounted some brackets to the shelves (to attach them to the cabinets later).

I’ve used some Christmas napkins to protect my table and chairs from spilled paint.. I ran out of old newspapers and plastic. So forgive me for taking these ‘ugly’ pictures…

Install metal L-shaped

Install 4 metal L-shaped brackets.

I decided to paint the cabinets with both satin and matte paint: satin paint for the inside (where the DVDs and CDs will be), because it will be much more durable. The outside was painted in DIY matte paint. I thought it would look interesting with the satin shelves and cabinet’s insides, and the speakers in high gloss which are placed next to the unit. By the way: these speakers were designed and built by my dad! They sound awesome! I’ve painted them, of course 🙂

Inside satin, outside homemade matte paint

Inside satin, outside homemade matte paint

Painting and drying small shelves...

Painting and drying small shelves…

Time to install the shelves to the cabinets: I put the whole unit on the floor to attach the shelves, so I wouldn’t have to keep them up while attaching them. Way too heavy…

Attach the shelves

Attach the shelves

My sweetie helped me to turn the unit upwards against the wall. And there it is:

DIY multimedia unit

DIY multimedia unit

And here it is with some of our DVDs and CDs.

And here it is with some of our DVDs and CDs.

You see the difference in 'glossy' appearance?

You see the difference in ‘glossy’ appearance?

Shelves in close-up

Shelves in close-up

Now all I still have to do is to install a nice board to the back, paint the TV stand and mount the TV to the wall. Part two will probably take a while 🙂

I am soooo happy with my DIY multimedia unit: it is practical and can (and will) be extended with some extra bookcases or cabinets later! Hooray!

Please leave a comment, and let me know whether you like it!

Happy painting 🙂

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