Mirror repair and Makeover

Today I want to share one of my most recent projects: A mirror repair and makeover.

This large ‘could-be-pretty’ mirror was almost thrown away. As I think that anything broken can be fixed, I thought I’ld give it a try!

Mirror before2

It was blue, damaged and a wooden plate was stapled to the back with rusty staples (think it was hanging in a humid bathroom before…?). Also, the biggest problem: the mirror itself was moving in its frame. It had come loose.  A bad combination with weight and rusty staples. Probably destined to fall apart some day.. So, I intended to fix it!

First I took out the rusty staples and attached the wooden plate again using a stapling gun.

Then, I sanded the previous layer of blue paint, put some tape on the mirror (under the edges), and painted the mirror lavender-grey-ish (is that even a word? From now on, it is 🙂 ). Of course my cat just had to help me… again.

I had help!

I had help!

Paint it...

Paint it…

Unfortunately, there was blue paint on the mirror itself… and because I didn’t want to make the same mistake by painting on the glass, I decided to use some mirror mounting kit (mirror sealer), which I could paint afterwards. Using this I could 1. fix the problem of the loose mirror and 2. by painting the kit, I could paint over the blue but not directly on the mirror itself.

Mirror mounting kit

Mirror mounting kit (glue-kit)

To make sure that the mirror will stay in place when it is hung to a wall, I moved it upwards and applied the kit with the mirror positioned like this. Gravity will make sure the mirror won’t move once the glue-kit has hardened. I wore latex gloves and used my fingers to press the kit between the mirror and the wooden frame and to get a smooth finish. I cleaned up spilled kit right away with some rubbing alcohol. And then… wait for the kit to harden…

Hardly visible... since I used transparent mounting kit.

Hardly visible… since I used transparent mounting kit.

Once the mounting kit had dried, I wanted to paint it. To protect the mirror from paint I just had to apply some tape in a smooth, oval shape… Hmm, this may be a bit of a problem: Because paper tape is just not right for a smooth finish when it comes to round or oval shapes…Ever tried that?

Eureka! I used insulation tape! It can be stretched a bit, so perfect for the job!!

Use insulation tape to smoothly paint round or oval shapes!

Use insulation tape to smoothly paint round or oval shapes!

It took me 5 layers of paint (probably because I used water-based paint which doesn’t stick to the mounting kit very well…) but in the end the result turned out pretty nice, if you ask me. Definitely improved! The final layer of paint I applied without tape: just very carefully with a small brush.

And that’s it.

It’s quite solid now, and this pretty mirror will get a happy life with a new family soon!

Mirror Makeover

Mirror Makeover

Results in closeup...

Results in closeup…

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