Paint Wicker – Makeover

A while ago, a friend gave me a wicker cabinet which was perfect for the ‘rescue this ugly duckling by makeover’ list. It had been painted before by someone unknown, some long time ago, and he/she didn’t do a very good job, unfortunately. The paint was chipped everywhere (no primer was used beforehand), the hinges had become rusty and the colour!! Although I have taken the before pictures with my phone and at night, you will see what I mean…

Ugly duckling to save...

Ugly duckling to save…(no, not the cat :)!! He’s just curious… )

Wicker cabinet. Before the makeover.

Wicker cabinet. Before the makeover.

Because my cats were kind of curious that night I had to put our big black seat in front of the cabinet, so that it wouldn’t tip over during the night. Therefore you can’t really tell what it looked like before, sorry about that.

So, back to painting wicker.

The best way to paint wicker yourself is to clean it, prime it and then finish it. The easiest and quickest way: use spray paint.

I don’t like spray paint. Although it is very practical and easy to use, I don’t like the mess, smell and fumes (since it’s never water-based). And, above all, you need a lot of well ventilated space (outside): which I don’t have here. I usually paint inside, with the doors and windows opened.

You can very easily paint wicker with a brush as well, though it will take a lot of time. However, if you choose a ‘white wash’ (or any other ‘wash’ for that matter), it may take less time since you will probably want the wicker to shine through a bit: no priming, one layer of paint only, and less proper painting 🙂

Step one: Always clean the object beforehand. Dust, spider rags and grease will reduce the paint to attach. It will make the paint chip sooner.

Step two: Prime!! Always prime for a decent result! Just take a brush and apply the primer onto the wicker. If you can’t get to tight spaces with your brush, try and dilute your paint a little (I always use water-based paint, so I just add some water). The paint will become a little bit more runny, so keep in mind that it will drip if you apply a lot of paint at once (it’s always better to apply two thin coats of paint, than one thick one)

Step three: Paint it. In your favorite colour! The fun part 🙂 If you want the paint to look more decent in the end, you will probably have to apply two coats!

And this is what my wicker cabinet looks like after the makeover:

Wicker cabinet after makeover

Wicker cabinet after makeover

You see all of those tiny strings on the sides and the back? I painted those with a tiny brush. One by one! Just to make it look better…

I consider that to be therapy: the makeover took me two weeks of painting a little bit every day!! It takes a while for the paint to dry in between layers as well, you know :). In the end I almost hated it, but well, I just had to finish it… I’m glad I did, it looks so much better now! And it would have been a waste to just dispose of it.

All these tiny strings added: it took me two weeks in total to paint this cabinet.

All these tiny strings added: it took me two weeks in total to paint this cabinet.

The doors were easy. Just like plain wicker baskets.

The doors were easy. Just like plain wicker baskets.

Inside doors

Inside doors

And that’s it! If you have some wicker baskets and you don’t like the colour: just paint them, either with spray paint or a brush. In case of the need for occupational therapy: use a brush!

Have fun painting!!

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