DIY Makeup Remover

Whether you wear a lot of makeup or just a bit of mascara, here’s a must-try DIY makeup remover recipe!

Makeup remover

Is it just me or do most eye makeup removers sting your eyes?! My eyes usually remain red and puffy and dry after removing my makeup.

Until now 🙂

Since a few months I take off my makeup with this simple mixture:

Makeup remover ingredients2

(Sweet) Almond oil and Sesame oil are great moisturizers and both contain vitamin E. Sesame oil especially is very suitable to use for eye lotions or cremes, since it contains a lot of anti-oxidants and is very nourishing. The downside of sesame oil is that it’s rather thick and may leave you skin oily. If you don’t like it, use almond oil like I do. Almond oil is absorbed rather quickly by the skin, but you still have enough time to take off your makeup. Don’t worry.

Vitamin E (use mixed tocopherols!) is great for your skin and I am hoping that it will help prevent wrinkles as well :). I usually just add it to give my remover a longer shelf life (although oils are not very likely to go bad soon).

Here’s something very important: If you have some sort of nut allergy, do not use almond or sesame oil. You can try substituting it by apricot kernel oil (in dutch ‘Abrikozenpitolie’).

Just apply a bit of remover to a cotton pad and start cleaning your face and eyes. It may take a bit longer than you are used to, though. I don’t mind: rubbing my eyes with this oil mixture doesn’t irritate my eyes at all! Rinse your face with some warm water afterwards to remove makeup remains that don’t dissolve, then pat dry.

An extra little treat: The leftover oil will remain on your skin as a night treatment.

Please note this: I order cosmetic grade oils for cosmetics and do not use the culinary oils (except for olive oil; best as unrefined and extra virgin as possible). Click here to find out more about the difference (besides the scent).

Also, my favorite mascara is not a waterproof one, and I don’t know whether this recipe removes waterproof mascara as well. If you’ve tried it, please share your opinion!!

Good luck! And let me know whether it removes waterproof mascara!

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